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Our main line of business includes recycling centers for construction debris and waste removal for the commercial, industrial, and public sectors. We are a Veteran owned; Marietta, Georgia based company operating since 1989 and proud to be one of the oldest recycling units in the USA. Professional and commercial services are the backbone of scrap management services; the volume of commercial business allows us to offer services to benefit the public and preserve natural resources.

Recyclers R Resources works in collaboration with Newell Recycling SE. Since Newell was acquired by SA Recycling, we are now partners with SA and working collaboratively with a considerable market share at the best prices.


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Our dedicated team works hard to provide a tailored solution suited to each client’s unique situation. We provide services in a responsible, safest, and economical way to satisfy our clients and maintain our business name in the industry.

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MWe offers reliable waste and recycling pickup services for the waste...

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From construction to renovation projects to commercial cleanouts...

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Why Choose Us

Recyclers R Resources offers top-notch services to its clients for the collection, recycling, and safe disposal of construction debris and waste disposal. Being in the business for more than 25 years and having reliable business relationships helped us expand our services across the USA. We have a competitive edge as we develop and manage tailored solutions for scrap handling waste disposal.

We are available round the clock, so our clients can reach out to us at any time. For commercial and professional services, call Rickey Wilkes & Bill Harris at 404-729-8760.


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Our clients and customers rely upon us due to our top quality and hassle-free services. Let’s see what they have to say about us:

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Rick Wilkes, Owner
2985 Austell Rd.
Marietta, Ga 30008
Georgia Corporation # K121901
Business License #6442
Rick Wilkes
email r_wilkes@bellsouth.net or rickw.rrr@gmail.com
Phone 404-729-8760

Bill Harris Owner
Phone 770-402-8077
Email Billharris56@gmail.com or billharris.rrr@gmail.com
Web Site recyclersrresources.net or recyclersrrseources.com

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