Recyclers R Resources- Managing Waste At A Single Call

Recyclers R Resources is a Veteran owned; Marietta, Georgia based company operating since 1989. One of the oldest recycling units in the USA.

We are currently situated at different locations, including California-Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Oklahoma. Most of our data center scrap is handled by our southeast Mississippi offices. Working alongside SA Recycling gives us more room to operate and cater to customers at a larger scale and proved to be cost-efficient as well. With combined materials and services offered, our business has made a stable position in the market. We are able to supply more resources such as material handling containers to our clients.

Our services provided to the commercial sector makes us outstanding in the market as we deal with electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contractors who are working on superior construction tasks such as the construction of power plants, hospitals, schools, and much more. 

We are also active members and supporters of the Georgia Recyclers Association and maintain annual registration with the Sheriff’s Office to avoid any kind of metal theft, also registered with Scrap Theft Alert to be aware of any stolen metal reported.

Certificates of Recycling and Compliance are also issued for metal, e-waste, and battery recycling.